Awesome, awesome, awesome!

We have bumped into a blog review by one of our influencers -beauty junkie- Amy Sousa of Pretty In Bronze blog, and she is nothing short of awesome!


"These GummiBands are all kinds of awesome!"

"They work way better than regular hair ties on my hair—whether it's curly or straight..."

"...I won't be surprised if these start selling in other countries soon because they're awesome!"

See actual photos of Amy wearing Gummibands on her full blog HERE. ❤

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Amazing strength and reliability!

So glad to have found this detailed blog review by the healthy and beautiful hairstylist (talk about hair experts, eh?) Emily of Living Healthy & Beautiful blog! 🌺 Don't miss out on this one! 😊


A Must-Have product!

"...I am officially going to throw out my old hair elastics. These bands are absolutely amazing, the bands hold my hair with amazing strength...  I would highly recommend this products because of its amazing strength and reliability."


View the full blog HERE for more review details and a promo code! 💋

Replace elastics with something FUN!

"life is more fun with colour", says vibrant blogger, Tori of Doll & Dye blog; and so we thought she would love Gummibands, and wasted no time! ❤ Check out her blog review, link in the snippet below 😉


Strong & Supportive Hair Styling with Purpose

"My hair has been through hell and back. As if the bleaching, colouring & heat styling weren't enough, I've had many a hair elastic become horribly mangled and tangled in my locks. The scissors have come into play a few times, as much as I hate to admit it. But no more will my mane be mutilated by my styling efforts!... Based in Vancouver, this small group of women have crafted a product that gives my hair the support it needs without sacrificing style or comfort."

Read on HERE and know more about not just the quality of our products but also our motivations in doing what we do. ❤ 

How cool!

Hey there BFFs! Today, we're featuring another blog review from one of our lovely influencers, Tina of! Here's a sneak peek of what she has to say about our "cool" company and its awesome products


"What I love most about these cords...


... is that they don’t tug on my hair. I always have a problem with my hair/scalp being pulled too tightly due to the hairband placement... It has a strong hold without damaging or creasing the hair. I also find that it keeps my hair in place longer than traditional hair ties!"

Sounds good? Read the full blog HERE ❤

Gummiband lovin'! ❤

We're so lovin' our city girl influencer Christina Truong's energy! Check out her zest blog about Gummiband on her blog site where she connects fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through her creative and honest contents . 🌺


"There's so much to love about GummiBand!"


"Whether it's a high ponytail or a low bun, wear them however you want, you best bet, that hairstyle will stay on. And you know when you have your hair tied up and once it's off, there's a dent? Yeah, that won't happen when wearing GummiBand!"


Check out all the many other reasons why Christina loves her Gummibands HERE where she also shares a promo code you can use when you purchase a 4-cord pack of awesome Gummibands. 😉



Great for every day use!

Our Toronto-based influencer, Maddy Kept It Short and Sweet on her blog review at Spilled Polish where she writes about everything that has to do with beauty. Gotta love her simplicity and honesty! ❤


"I’ve always loved the basic hair elastics... BUT..."

"I feel like I always have to buy new hair bands every year. They either go missing, loose their elasticity, or end up breaking... I’ve always loved the basic hair elastics because I feel like I can get a tighter and stronger hold, but these hair cords are great for every day use. You can use two of them for a stronger hold, so I’ve done that when I went to the gym!"


Can we also say we heard she didn't even get a headache despite the hair cord tie's strong hold? 😊 Read more about this short but sweet blog review HERE to discover how she went from being skeptical to being a very satisfied Gummiband hair cord tie user.

Thankful unruly hair!

Eyes pop, jaws drop. Make way for this Montreal beauty blogger, Jodi of A Brash Attitude, a cruelty-free beauty and occasional lifestyle blog!


"...smitten with this Canadian company!"

"I’ve mostly stopped using conventional hair elastics, and was using those flat, stretchy, ribbon type hair bands – but found that they stretched out and got dirty looking after several uses... After reading up on GummiBands, I was hopeful that they would work for me... Even though it says to use 2 GummiBands for extra hold, I find that I can get away with just using one for either a ponytail or a bun – even with my thick, wavy hair!"


Well, she definitely put her Gummiband to test on that one! Find out how she dealt with a stretched out Gummiband hair cord, as well as the reasons why she might be a little bit smitten with our company HERE. ❤

Colourful as candy!

Hey there BFFs! We are sharing with you awesome reviews from various influencers who have tried and undoubtedly loved their Gummiband experience! Check out this first blog review originally posted on the 2017 P&G Beauty Awards' Best Beauty Site Awardee, Realizing Beauty.


Ever said "My Hair Hurts"?

" cords have totally changed the game for me. I can now wear my hair up without pain… GummiBand Hair Cords are offered in a stunning array of shades that look as delicious and colourful as candy…"

Read more about this awesome blog review from Christa Potter of Realizing Beauty blog HERE.