Replace elastics with something FUN!

"life is more fun with colour", says vibrant blogger, Tori of Doll & Dye blog; and so we thought she would love Gummibands, and wasted no time! ❤ Check out her blog review, link in the snippet below 😉

GummiBand Traceless Hair Cords - Black being stretched out ; Pink and Clear GummiBand Traceless Hair Cords worn on wrist ; More assorted GummiBand Traceless Hair Cords displayed in the background

Strong & Supportive Hair Styling with Purpose

"My hair has been through hell and back. As if the bleaching, colouring & heat styling weren't enough, I've had many a hair elastic become horribly mangled and tangled in my locks. The scissors have come into play a few times, as much as I hate to admit it. But no more will my mane be mutilated by my styling efforts!... Based in Vancouver, this small group of women have crafted a product that gives my hair the support it needs without sacrificing style or comfort."

Read on HERE and know more about not just the quality of our products but also our motivations in doing what we do. ❤