J is for Joyous!

Meet copywriter-by-day and beauty enthusiast Julie as you check out her blog site Swatch & Review and read her blog review about Gummibands (link provided below) 😉

GummiBand Traceless Hair Cords and Gummy bears ; Gummiband - Lavender Twist on a green balayage hair ; Assorted GummiBand Traceless Hair Cords in a plate


(and cheaper than the competition)."

"Like gummy candy, these Hair Cords come in a lot of colours: clear, black, brunette, blonde, light pink, dark pink, teal and purple... And if you find a shade that matches your hair, like I did with teal, you can barely even see the hair cord!"

Full review and more photos HERE. Haven't grabbed your Gummibands yet? Get yours now! 😉