Doll and Dye - Tori


Everything You Need To Know


Likes: The colour pink, bright lipstick, thrift shopping, barre fitness, Kanye West, and McDonald's fries.

Dislikes: Seafood, waking up before 7am, loud chewing, bugs, and the fact that my current apartment doesn't have a bathtub.

Ideal way to spend a weekend: At home with my husband. Boring, right? My Saturday night usually consists of ordering takeout, putting on our PJs, and watching some movie we've both seen 20 times.

Fashion and Beauty Items I Can't Live Without: I'd be lost without dry shampoo, brow gel, mascara, tinted lip balm, and GummiBands, of course!

My Dream Celebrity Dinner Date and Why: Don't tell my husband, but definitely Ewan McGregor! I've been madly in love with him since age 12 when I watched Moulin Rouge for the first time.

Why I Love Creating Online Content: It gives me a chance to inspire people. Whenever I receive a compliment, it’s almost always followed by some variation of “I wish I could pull that off”, and I always respond with “You totally can!”.

I started my blog as a way to encourage others to try embrace colour in their lives. Whether that be by wearing a new lipstick shade, trying on clothes at a new boutique, or visiting a spot in town you may not have heard of, it’s easy to try something new and make it a fun experience.

Blogging has allowed me to give a voice to those who might be too shy or nervous, which I can highly relate to as I struggle with anxiety myself. 

Knowing that I’ve inspired even just one person, simply by writing a blog post or sharing a photo, means the world to me!

Any Other Information You Would Like to Include: I've dyed my hair almost every colour imaginable, thanks to my days spent as a former hair model. I've learned that pink is truly the shade that best suits me!