GummiBand Traceless Hair Cords

Private Label Hair Cords

With over 50 available colours as well as the ability to create custom colours, the team at GummiBand can help you develop your own set of traceless hair cords to suit your business. 

Whether you are a multi-national wholesaler or a small Canadian retailer, we can work with you to create your own branded hair cords. 

Benefits of carrying a line of traceless hair cords:
-Incredibly popular, with a growing following
-Fits many different businesses including Wholesale Brands, Spas, Salons, Gift Boutiques, Clothing Stores and Online Retailers
-Affordable impulse purchase item, perfect for near POS
-A wide ranging demographic of potential purchasers

Benefits of Private Label services through GummiBand
-Low overhead. Private label options start at just 500 cords
-Multiple packaging options, ranging from clear PET boxes, loose cords in an acrylic display container, ball chain bound bunches or hand cards and containers
-Affordable prices and great volume discounts
-Distributed from within Canada so no need for import compliance and paperwork or expensive international shipping, duties and taxes.

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